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I mostly post articles about web development, predominantly using the Microsoft .Net stack. I also sometimes post about running crazy distances, cycling and health and fitness tech.


Adding Structured Data To Opencart Product Pages

Having a website is a great tool to get your business in front of a great deal of customers. With there being so many competitors for most industries, it is always a great idea to do everything you…read more

16 March 2022

Posted by: Grant B


A great way to manage your Linux VPS using TinyCP

I have always loved developing websites using technologies from the Microsoft web stack. The only limitation I ever encountered is the slight restriction on hosting choices when you are ready to go…read more

14 September 2019

Posted by: Grant B


Hosting .Net Core Web Apps On Ubuntu With TinyCP

In a previous post I covered how to install TinyCP on an Ubuntu 18.04 VPS. The whole purpose I chose TinyCP as my server control panel was for its light resource usage and ease of being able to automate…read more

7 August 2019

Posted by: Grant B


Finally getting started

I have been developing websites and web applications for going on 11 years now and have always wanted to share some of the interesting things I have learned along the way. I even went so far as to…read more

18 July 2019

Posted by: Grant B